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Don't get hit by technology.

Good enough is dead.

Right now you are a central point of the raging tornado of change fueled by digitalization.

55% of private corporations which are not digital yet are adopting centralized digital programs in the next 2 years.

85% of decision makers believe 2 years is the deadline for embrace digital revolution.

52% of CEO see “not being a tech savvy”as a barrier for digital revolution.

Until end of 2017, two thirds of CEOs of global companies will have digital policies as a key element of corporate strategy. CTO is the new Chief.

27% of Board members classify digital revolution as a surviving matter.

87% of private companies see digital revolution as a competitive advantage.

Sources: IDC, Progress, Accenture, CapGemini, Sloan Review, Santoku

Your business is surrounded by the digital revolution.

What all this technology investment will bring to my business

Operational Costs Reduction

Clear and Lean Productive Processes

Improvements on Organization Structures

Improvements on Process Efficiency

Improvement of Services (inbound and outbound)

Decision Making Support

Better Info of your operations

Improvement on disruptive scenarios and Risk Management


Your tech savvy partner.

Just a Software that runs on a single platform cannot fulfill all the needs of modern-day businesses.

We offer a wide range of services that covers a variety of cutting-edge tech solutions, from single apps to complex AI systems. We have crafted a methodology where sitting with you since the concept phase of your project through the development and deployment of the technology ending on the real business impact.

Design and Technology of Information are our core competencies. We focus on clean and sophisticated codes and smart designs. Our solutions provides maintainability and scalability for final product. Our team is always happy to advise you on the best technical solutions.

Mobile apps
ERP systems
Digital consulting
Tech proccess
Machine learning
UX UI design

Buildbox is the right choice for your business in the digital revolution.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Business model
  • Process Mapping
  • Market Study
  • Digital assessment


  • UX / UI
  • Customer Journey
  • Process Design


  • Softwares
  • Digital Artefacts

Execution and Implementation

  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Key Performance Indicators

How we work.

We discover the most efficient ways to create software by combining cutting-edge technologies, agile methodology, smart designs and the best team.

We apply software development best practices. We deliver on time.

We use Agile methodologies in order to deepen our knowledge, improve our processes, reduce inefficiencies, and create better products.

The best professionals gathered in a highly productive team.

Daniel S. F. L. Bragion Partner
Henrique da Mota Silveira Partner
Mikelli Lacis Partner
Vinícius Muniz de Lima Manager
Daniel Daibert Angelo Council member
Paula Souza Quality
Felipe Figueiredo iOS
Leonardo de Matos Souza Android
Bruno H. do Espírito Santo Full stack
Diego Fortunato Web
Miguel H. Alvarenga Design
João Pedro Porto Web
Yasmin Nogueira iOS
Carlos Tonisso iOS

Buildbox has teams in US and Brazil. This allows us to bring high quality and competitiveness to our products and services.

Know some of our cases. Listen from our customers.

We have years of experience in providing high quality software and strategic digital services for different industries and markets. During all those years we have fulfil a strong market demand for apps and mobile softwares. We collaborate and support our customers to add values to their core business and improve their operations through best digital technologies available

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